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As we started ...

The idea to establish Atina-shop was based on my wife's experience with menstrual cups and also with cloth pads. Since she has begun to use them she is constantly expanding her collection. At the same time, we decided to launch the first eshop in Slovakia dedicated exclusively to such products.

Our goal


Our goal is to bring to customers from Slovakia and EU contries as well quality products in the field of female intimate hygiene. Our offer consists of menstrual cups, cloth pads and accessories for these products.
Menstrual cups are an excellent alternative to classic inserts or tampons and are harmless to health. From an ecological point of view, their use reduces waste production, as there is no need to buy inserts and / or tampons every month. From this comes another advantage, namely financial savings. The lifetime of the quality menstrual cups is estimated at 8-10 years and 5 years for cloth pads and therefore the savings can be considerable, despite a slightly higher initial investment to buy cups or cloth pads.
The average price of a quality cup of 100% medical silicone is around 25 €. With monthly consumption of inserts / tampons lets say 3 € is return on investment in a cup within one year or less.
And another notable advantage - health. Since disposable inserts and tampons are impregnated with different chemicals, they can cause a number of health problems, or even TSS, which is linked to the use of tampons.

Why to shop by us?


Because our priorities are as follows: 


Quality products of renowned manufacturers

We are focusing on products of European origin to ensure product quality. The menstrual cups in our offer come from several countries, but they have one thing in common - they are made from 100% medical silicone. The use of this material ensures that they are harmless to health and gives the possibility of using them for a long time.

Goods in stock


All goods that can be inserted into the shopping cart is in stock. This means that the delivery time is reduced to a minimum (except when delivery may be prolonged for objective reasons such as holiday or pre-orders).

Quick delivery

It is directly related to previous point. Thanks to the fact that we have the goods in stock, we are able to dispatch the order already on the day of ordering. The delivery time is normally 1-2 business days from the day of the order - this is valid for orders from Slovakia. For EU orders the delivery time is about 5 business days due to bank transfer and delivery time.

Customer orientation

We are available to you via email, phone and even through social networks on our facebook page.

If you need order information, help with selection or advice, do not hesitate to contact us. Alternatively, if you have suggestions for improvement, let us know - we are here for you and we want to continually improve. All our contact details can be found here


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