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Complaint rules

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Extract from the General Terms and Conditions. You can read the full text here.




8.10.1 Immediately after the product defect is observed, notify us by email or phone about the situation (with description of the defect).

8.10.2 The buyer is obliged to deliver the goods back to the the seller clean, mechanically undamaged, with a copy of the invoice or / and the delivery note. The buyer is obliged to  send a description of the defect together with the goods. The goods must be sent to the address of the seller.

8.10.3 Upon receipt of the claim, the seller shall establish a complaint handling procedure. If it is in the seller's possibilities, he will assess the alleged defect. If not, the seller will send the product for review to the manufacturer. The buyer will be informed about complaint procedure without delay.

8.10.4 If it is necessary to send the claimed goods to the manufacturer, the seller will do so in the shortest possible time. The seller will keep the buyer informed of the status of the claim.

8.10.5 If the claim is not recognized, the seller will return the goods back to the buyer and may require costs associated with it.

8.10.6 In the case of a recognized claim, the seller will contact the buyer and agree with him how the complaint will be closed - exchange of goods or the refund. The right of choice is on the buyer. Refund must be made within 15 calendar days of the date of recognition of the claim.



In the case of any problems with purchased goods, please contact us as soon as possible to agree on the next steps to your satisfaction.

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